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Skin Biopsy

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Skin Biopsy services offered in Montgomery, TX

A skin biopsy helps identify abnormal skin growths, including different types of skin cancer. Jeremy McWilliams, DO, Ginger McMillian, FNP-C, Courtney Groves, FNP-C, and the patient-centered team at Stone Creek Family Medicine in Montgomery, Texas, perform skin biopsies after doing a thorough skin exam. A skin biopsy provides valuable information about your health and needed treatments. Call to schedule an appointment today to learn more about a skin biopsy at Stone Creek Family Medicine.

Skin Biopsy Q&A

I have a funny-looking mole. Do I need a skin biopsy?

The team at Stone Creek Family Medicine performs skin biopsies for many reasons, including funny-looking moles, to confirm or rule out melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

Stone Creek Family Medicine is a full-service family medicine practice that takes a proactive and preventive approach to care. During your annual physical, they examine your skin to look for abnormal growths. They also encourage you to do regular skin checks at home.

When you find an abnormal growth, new growth, or skin growth that’s changing over time, you should schedule an evaluation. The team performs skin biopsies to diagnose many skin conditions, including skin cancer, skin infections, and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

What happens during a skin biopsy?

Your Stone Creek Family Medicine provider talks to you about what you can expect during your skin biopsy before removing the tissue sample. There are many methods for performing a skin biopsy, including:

Shave biopsy

For a shave biopsy, your provider uses a special scalpel or razor blade to shave a sample of the top layer of your growth. You may need a shave biopsy if the skin issue only affects the top layer.

Punch biopsy

A punch biopsy uses a special round scalpel that removes a circular sample of tissue. Your provider may perform this procedure if they suspect your condition affects deeper layers of your skin. 

Excisional biopsy

For an excisional biopsy, your provider uses a scalpel to remove all of the abnormal skin growth and some of the surrounding healthy tissue. 

Depending on the type of biopsy performed, your provider may cover the wound with a bandage or stitch it closed. Your provider at Stone Creek Family Medicine sends the tissue sample to the pathology lab for testing

When can I expect results from a skin biopsy?

The team at Stone Creek Family Medicine explains when you can expect results from your skin biopsy, but it can take a few weeks. Once your results come in, the team contacts you to discuss the findings.

You may need to return to the office for additional treatments. The team may also refer you to a specialist to manage a more serious condition. 

Stone Creek Family Medicine provides the skin biopsy care you’d expect from a top-notch primary care provider. Call to schedule an appointment today.